The Institute

MII is an educational institute based in research and science to advance mankind's wellBeing, intelligence and consciousness. Through collaboration and alliances with universities, corporations, non-profits, experts in neuroscience, organizational behavior leaders, leadership development, and mindfulness and compassion researchers, we curate and convene events, influence learning communities, and provide educational resource programing for the fulfillment of human potential and deepening of the experience of BEING connected in relationships. Together, we will cause transformation, develop policies and connect leaders, families, and individuals.

We acknowledge being at a time in history when modern life requires finding new ways to address the ongoing sense of chaos experienced as urgency, distraction, confusion and feeling overwhelmed. These ongoing experiences produce challenges in the mind and body. Unfortunately, we gain no real solutions from the abundance of technological tools and information available to assist us. The future pulls for the science of mindfulness and heart brain coherence as the forerunners to a New Era that has successfully integrated the impact of the Digital Revolution and Information Age on individuals, families and community.

Our Mission

Mindfulness Institute International is in the business of human wellBeing collaboratively causing the rise of a New Era of intelligence and performance that creates an intended future.

The Vision

In this New Era, people choose to Rise Above ordinary by naturally using their heart’s intelligence and intuition while thriving in their environments.

Core Value

Providing for human development, we value science, community and alliances creating intentional change in work and home environments for a future of joy, health, performance and fulfillment for everyone.

Meet Our Team

The entire team is committed to causing a New Era of wellBeing, bringing mindfulness, heart brain coherence and transformation opportunities to businesses, individuals, families and communities through experiential programs, workshops, consulting, coaching and speaking engagements. All are extraordinarily trained and skilled in the work to fulfill an intended future and 21st century human development needs.

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Chief Executive Officer

Judith A. Cox

Judith, as the CEO of MIMI and a visionary, is committed to encouraging and providing for the wellBeing of humanity. She moves intentionally, skillfully and playfully in the brilliant act of disappearing what doesn’t work to cause the performance and accomplishments one desires. Interacting with Judith leads to discovery, intention and achievement in expanded awareness and realized personal capacities. She is a psychotherapist practicing mindfulness for over 25 years. She is also a Board Certified Coach with specialty designations as: Executive/Corporate/Business/Leadership Coach, Health/Wellness Coach, and Personal/Life Coach from the Center for Credentialing & Education, Inc. Her life lived full-out is a gift to others fulfilling their potential.

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Director Crisis Response Collaboratives

David Wilson

David is a Licensed Marriage and Family Counselor uniquely trained as a transformational therapist skilled in assisting individuals to live their brilliance. As a 25 year Marine officer and community leader for mental health, he has organized and lead teams to fulfill missions and respond effectively and efficiently in crisis. He is a Reiki Master proficient in many therapy modalities enhancing therapeutic healing and change. He also performs extraordinarily in groups with years of experience in grief and loss adding a heart’s promise to those who are in trauma; he is trained in The Resilient Heart™: Trauma Sensitive HeartMath Course; he provides advanced meditation and heart coherence training. His lasting contribution in psychotherapy is training health professionals in providing an innovative approach that is grounded in sound philosophy, firm data, neuroscience, evidence-based narrative and cognitive-behavioral interventions.

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Director WellBeing Partnerships

Laura Mauriello

Laura's passion, as a Registered Nurse, and life-long student of non-traditional methods of healing, led her to pursue additional training and certifications as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Meditation Certification from the Chopra Center, and a Certified Heart Math Practitioner, with additional certifications from the Heart Math Institute in the use of the Stress and WellBeing Assessment, and Certified Trauma-Informed Resilient Heart Practitioner. She is a graduate of the Leadership Program in Integrative Healthcare from Duke University. Laura combines her nursing background with a unique combination of available modalities to guide clients to their own wellBeing by connecting to their hearts that in turn creates more inner peace, ease and the knowing of when connected to the heart, we can experience the healing power within each of us.

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Director Resilient Business Development

Martin Daubney

Martin is the foremost trainer of NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) in English in Switzerland, and the leading Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach bringing this philosophy to industries as diverse as Agrochemical, Pharmaceuticals and Luxury Goods. He is a successful Executive Coach who formalized his experiential knowledge at the Centre for Coaching, in Psychological Coaching, with Assertion & Communication Skills, Stress Management and Performance Management, accredited by Middlesex University, London. As a certified HeartMath Mentor he focusses his time in helping leaders and teams through his Stress & Resilience programs, to create the new corporate culture of Coherent Leadership

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Director Conscious Leadership Development

Jennifer Dickens

Jennifer is a Certified HeartMath Coach/Mentor Building Personal Resilience TM and a successful entrepreneur who has expertly worked with individuals and organizations in stress management, team coherence and resilience coaching, as well as supporting more spiritual individuals in Awakening their Heart Wisdom. She is passionate about guiding people in discovering their true authentic self, creating a resilient life, and contributing to the leveling up of human consciousness. Jennifer additional supports MIMI from her experience as a sales and marketing executive in Fortune 500 and mid-size companies for over 25 years.

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Director Project and Strategic Outcomes

Michelle Lewis

Michelle, as a life and business coach, expertly utilizes her natural talent for listening, to masterfully support clients in producing extraordinary results. She is a certified HeartMath Coach/Mentor and coaches small business owners and CEOs to maximize their business performance. Michelle’s forté is visioning, mindset development, time management, budgets and KPI definition and tracking, and creating a compassionate company culture. Michelle holds BAs in Art and English from Binghamton University, and Drafting and Design from ITT Technical Institute. She is a published author, course writer, sculptor, wife, and mother of two.

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Chief Curriculum Development

Andrea Trank

Andrea focuses on creating curricula for children and adults alike in managing stress, anxiety and emotional regulation. She was a high school and college science teacher, who suffered from anxiety and chronic health conditions. Her own health journey authentically informs her teaching and certified coaching. As Chief of Curriculum for MIMI, she is helping to meet the needs of students, instructors, and parents: U.Va. Ed.S. Curriculum and Instruction, U.Va. M.Ed Science Education, Certified Integrative Medicine and Health Coach, e-RYT Registered Yoga Teacher, Certified HeartMath Trainer, Coach, and Trauma-Sensitive Clinician, Certified Memory Maintenance Yoga Teacher, Certified Somatic Yoga Teacher Levels 1 and 2, Certified Restorative Yoga Teacher.

The Greater Team

Here to support all of your opportunities.

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Dr. Tahki Jayasvasti

Dr. Tahki is a board-certified Internal Medicine physician and has been practicing medicine for almost two decades. Her focus has always been on prevention and women’s health. In October 2018 she left the traditional medical model for practicing and began to fulfill her dream of partnership in patient health and wellness through “lifestyle medicine.” Her practice infuses the science and knowledge that comes from her medical education and experience with the passion and belief that a healthy and awakened body and mind completes the formula for healthy living. She delivers inside one’s desire to add life to their years and not just gain longevity.

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Britta Simon

Britta is a Certified HeartMath Coach/Mentor and passionate about leveraging the intelligent power of the human heart. In her work she leads people in self-regulation & building a resilient and stress-free Self. She specializes in coaching high level performers assisting them to identify underlying stress emotions at the root of their health issues and the obstacles in causing desired results. She also has compassionate expertise in helping people to stop emotional eating and solving their weight problems and eating habits for good. Britta originates from Germany, graduated from the Leipzig Graduate School of Management and now lives in the Mediterranean Island of Cyprus. Programs are provide in English, Greek and German.

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Belinda Phillips

Belinda combines her experience as an attorney, Certified Functional Medicine Coach, and master of many complementary healing methods to provide a practical and expansive approach to health and wellBeing. She brings a unique perspective to understanding the human condition and what we can do about it, for problem-solving and living from a more expansive understanding of what’s possible. She practices meditation and uses healing tools daily to BE the best version of herself. Belinda balances her role as a mother with her clear mission of a more loving and compassionate world.

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Dan Leighton

Dan lives consciously, powerfully balancing his love of faith and family with being an innovative business owner, leader and coach. He earned a dual degree as a scholar athlete then quickly became an advertising executive advising owners of corporations. Continuing his training and fulfilling his independence, he created his own business and coaches and develops others to be entrepreneurs. He is also committed to coaching children in sports and awareness, making a profound difference wherever he goes.

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Linda Barrows

Linda, through mindfulness, has mastered: living well is working well. She is a writer and coach for living a new vision of livelihood where people experience reciprocity between one’s inner and outer work. She has reinvented herself many times for the joy and fullness of living on purpose. Her experience, expertise, and delivery, also as a Financial Adviser with several licenses and certifications in financial services, for over 20 years, has proven for many that Self does not have to be sacrificed in a job, rather people can live authentically and enjoy an illuminated path of meaningful living including being great financially.

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Greg Long

Greg dedicates his life to empowering others to live a great life by intention. He is a recognized leader in the consulting industry, as an executive consultant and Life Coach. His track record exemplifies results producing performance for ending “business as usual.” With Greg, individuals and companies design and operate an environment that provides the freedom to create a powerful future and enjoy work and life. Greg is also committed to young people living their life free from limitations and fear.

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Michael Schulz

Michael is a life-long seeker with a passion and unique gift for making a difference within the corporate culture. He is highly trained in several disciplines and uses tools he has honed to master present moment living and to gain freedom from constraints the past imposes. As a coach and mentor, he gives others access to the freedom and power available from mindful living. He also draws from his life career in manufacturing.

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Magdalena Ponurska

Magdalena, currently completing a M.Ed Educational Leadership, is passionate about practicing and teaching mindfulness to increase workplace compassion, resilience, and emotional intelligence. She has worked in HR and IT for a major auto corporation and now is an administrator in a private school educational setting; where she is delivering the same opportunities to children. She co-founded a Global Montessori Network, that supports schools, faculty, families, and children across the globe in sharing best practices in wellBeing and addressing the whole child.

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Robert Cooper

Robert, having previously taught Japanese language in Detroit Schools for 25 years, continues as a diversely trained teacher, leader and coach, fully aware that all achievement begins with mindfulness. When he delivers, parents, teachers, and students recognize the difference mindfulness practices make in their performance, wellBeing, behavior and attitude at home and at school. He is committed to the belief that all people have freedom and ease when moving beyond perceived limitations.

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Alyssa Phillips

Alyssa is a special education teacher with a Masters in Elementary and Special Education, advocate for children, and a special ed consultant for families. Her experience of stress led her on a healing journey to live more authentically and fully. She's certified in several complementary healing methods. Alyssa is on a mission to help people heal from their own stress and anxiety, live with clarity, celebrate their differences, and work together collaboratively with compassion and loving-kindness.

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Tecreshia Rana

Tecreshia was born in Pontiac, attended Michigan State University enrolled in the College of Education, specialized in Kinesiology. She is a strong renaissance woman leading and coaching in transformative living. Tecreshia is committed to community development and encouraging families to live from purpose. Her interactions are given by her love for people, values, compassion and commitment. She is a happy mother of a dynamic daughter and is currently being trained to be HeartMath certified.

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Michelle Alexander

Michelle has been a passionate counselor for the past 17 years, obtaining her undergrad from Purdue University in Child and Family Studies and earning her Masters in Counseling from Oakland University. She is bi-cultural and bilingual in Spanish having been born and raised in Puerto Rico. Her counseling experiences, expertise in trauma, and practice in a variety of work environments, has prepared her to be great as MIMI’s Certified Clinical Supervisor for our Advance Counselor Training.

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Yvonne Clark

Yvonne is an experienced teacher and reading specialist, holding a Literature/Psychology degree. She was trained and certified as a yoga teacher over 15 years ago after embracing yoga and its amazing benefits to inner chemistry and life. Currently, Yvonne is a popular, in-demand yoga teacher at numerous studios. She also loves teaching children and adults mindfulness and meditation. She has a special talent in delivering the art of sound healing using 7 quartz crystal singing bowls.

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Guy Louis Sferlazza

Guy Louis Sferlazza is the creator and presenter of "Worlds of Music" and "Chautauqua Express Musical Programs" since 1986. Averaging over 300 live performances each year, these programs are performed for educational and community audiences. Guy has been selected as “one of the finest touring artists in the state". He has a degree in music, is a Certified Mindfulness Instructor and a Certified HeartMath Coach/Mentor. His greatest love is engaging children through music to build their capacity for greater attention, connection and resilience.

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Rick & Lori Boufford

Rick and Lori are an amazing couple skilled in exploring corporate desires for transforming their work space to provide a designated area for their employees to self-regulate, mediate and practice yoga. As leaders in MIMI’s NEWorks! division, they both have years of experience at looking at a space, solving challenges, being creative, and completing projects. When they have worked their playful intentional magic, there's a new space that works for employees to reset for efficient performance and enjoy wellBeing. A new start does work for those who are attracted to using the functional, gorgeous space these two create.