Coherence, Resilience and Performance

Once a week

Once a week, 6 weeks

45-60 mins

Program Description

Globally people are experiencing perhaps the most stressful and uncertain times in history. Individually we are all aware of the fast changes and many challenges we face on a daily basis, and there seems to be no immediate solution for all that we cannot control. Coherence, Resilience and Performance delivers ways to develop what we can control—our own wellBeing and performance—during the uncomfortable uncertainty. MIMI has resilience certified, trained professionals who are skillful, committed, compassionate people. These leaders are shining the light on scientifically proven best practices causing greater personal wellBeing through coherence thus impacting professional performance. Are you ready to develop your coherence capacity and cultivate greater wellBeing and resilience?

For groups, organizations and teams interested in learning more about how to build resilience in their employees, we offer a complimentary consultation to develop a plan that fits your needs. Options include supportive technology to measure progress.

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