Diminishing Anxiety

Once a week

Once a week, 4-8 weeks

45-60 mins

Program Description

In times of stress and uncertainty it’s especially important to calm our nervous system and to build emotional resilience. It is possible to master over reacting to circumstances one cannot control which leads to anxiety. Learning to regulate emotions through breath and mindfulness practices combined with embodiment movement practices will build an inner reservoir allowing you to navigate all the changing circumstances with greater ease and understanding. These practices will include some yoga, simple accessible meditation techniques, breath practices, tapping, and practical easy-to-learn inquiry strategies using journaling, mapping, and other participatory activities.  

Each 45-60 minute session is designed to be an interactive learning online and will give you and your teams a buffet of tools to experience more joy, ease, compassion, productivity, and resilience in troubling times. You and others will notice that you are more present and have greater access to your brain heart intelligence at home and work. We will also delve into tools to help you get a better night’s sleep. Join us to learn daily practices that will change your life for well-BEING.


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