Support for Parents and Children

Private Session

Private Session,

30-45 min via Zoom Conf.

Program Description

Live Online Private Sessions For Parents:

Zoom opportunities are being offered for parents who need the extra parenting support while also addressing the overwhelm, stress, anxiety and fear experienced from the current isolation. One-on-one or group sessions are being led by professionals who provide coaching, counseling, coping strategies and tools. For those wondering how we will ever make it, we have experts prepared to help those desiring emotional and mental support. MIMI knows how challenging it can be to feel alone, particularly in times of crisis and we are prepared to meet these needs. Use the Contact Us form below for details.

Live Online Private Sessions For Children:

Schools continue to sort out the logistics to reliably deliver the curriculum. MIMI’s intention is to support parents in developing their child’s social and emotional intelligence as well as facilitating appropriate problem-solving and behaviors. While children are at home, it’s a great opportunity to focus on this. Using Zoom, we will also address the children’s needs and fears they are experiencing during this current crisis and beyond. They have the option to join with a group to stay connected and grow or have individual professional counseling sessions. Use the Contact Us form below for details.


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