Support For Business And Employees

Daily Groups And Individual Sessions

Daily Groups And Individual Sessions,

45-60 min via Zoom Conf.

Program Description

Right now, providing resources to deal with the unknown, overwhelm, stress, anxiety and fear is critical for emotional, mental and physical wellBeing. We provide effective tools through group support to effectively impact the individuals’ health and wellBeing so they are better able to focus, perform, be at ease and have self-compassion at this time. With valuable self-care, they can reliably determine and take appropriate action for themselves, their family and have the clarity needed for company performance.

We have a qualified team ready to support all levels of workers. We are prepared to provide this through Zoom. We can customize the delivery and times to fit your needs should a company wish to form the support groups. To ensure your employees’ wellBeing, we invite you to take action by contacting us to address your company's response for supporting employees. For details use the Contact Us form below.


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